Chart Request #3

Technical Analysis

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Note: Seems as though the price could pullback a little bit, still heavily bullish HTF.


Note: Loving this accumulation that is taking place just above $1. I’m a buyer.


Note: Similar to DIA, seems to be some accumulation taking place at these levels.


Note: Would wait for price to flip $0.26 before being long, need a breakout above.


Note: Looking interesting, nice initial reaction to last major support. Would buy.

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Note: Nearly resting on ATL, if you are a fan of the project and what they are building then I guess this would be a place to start building a position. (No research done)


Note: The same chart from last time, support held up really well and price is now heading higher, currently looking to flip $12.6, long as long as we maintain above $12.


Note: Chart looking actually really interesting, price currently trying to flip $15,000, this could be a very bullish structure if price is maintained for a few more days. (long)


Note: Was buying anything between $3.8 and $4, currently seems as though price wants to move higher and even test $5 shortly. Accumulation and bullish structure.


Note: This is looking really good, a major resistance level for HTF has now been flipped into support. I actually think this could be a really good entry-level.


Note: The main issue I see is that HTF there are just so many underwater bagholders who bought the top in 2017/18. I personally cannot be an investor, but from a LTF point of view, price is currently testing a major support level.


Note: Was requested, but personally it’s way too early to tell from a technical analysis point of view, but currently seems as though price is just finding some support and just scanning some level. Project is pretty much brand now so watching closely.


Note: The best way to find pullback levels after a breakout is using fib retracements, currently looking good and anything around $3 is a good long entry-level.


Note: Currently not charting this as lacks liquidity at the moment but it is one of my largest positions in 2020/2021. I think this project will have a major impact on crypto.


Note: Not the reaction you want to see, I honestly think the price could fall further and you could get a better entry if you just below some patience.


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